Embrace Your Desires Part 2

From Flickr, some rights reserved by Photoholic1.

From Flickr, some rights reserved by Photoholic1.

Sheridan Burton from embracedesires.com and the blog http://embracedesires.net/is an entrepreneur in the adult toy biz, fortunately for us, her best friend from junior high convinced Sheridan “to the possibility of building a company based on my desire to share beautiful sensual products to like-minded individuals.”

In the beginning…

The embracedesires blog and website started from my affinity for what I consider beautiful sex accessories. I take a lot of time and pride decorating my bedroom with gorgeous accessories and wouldn’t settle for anything less from my own collection. I had visited too many “adult novelty” stores and was quite disappointed when I walked in: dark or dimmed stores often with a plasticky smell, and too many unrealistic toys.  My narcissism refused to allow any of the tacky items to touch my lady parts.  So I embarked on a quest to find something that were more appealing to my sense of self and realized others may think as I do.

I’ve a friend who once told me if I’m doing something that raises discussion, which hopefully this blog and my research does, then you know you’re on the right track; Sheridan also recognized this:

I had so many friends and family try to deter me by saying that I shouldn’t open an online business selling adult products because other people may think of me negatively. That was when I KNEW that I had to keep going. There isn’t anything wrong with consenting adults indulging in intimate activities. The stigma of being an adult AND embracing your natural instincts to explore sexually was something I was convinced needed to be addressed. 

Even with all of the stresses you can imagine operating your own business, I find I am more relaxed at the end of the day. My favorite thing about working with embracedesires is the opportunities to be introduced to incredibly innovative and original high-quality products and amazing, down-to-earth people. But, one of the drawbacks of working alone is that you can’t complain to anyone about the boss or your colleagues!  

For those of you who would like to get involved, Sheridan is looking for serious investors to outsource, and for those who want to participate in some small way, consider reviewing the products. Your voice counts, too, after all, she’s doing this for all of us.

For anyone interested in reviewing any of the products we offer online, send us an email at info@embracedesires.com with the subject line: Product Review, and in the body of the email please detail your experience reviewing adult related products with a link to your blog.

One of embracedesires most popular products is the Intimate Organics Adventure anal spray. I think the Sensual Storage bags are nifty–stylishly tuck away your toys instead of cramming them in the underwear drawer, or use this as a cute overnight case. The store isn’t just for women, there are items for men too! Sheridan’s favourite item is the Luz de la Riva Swarovski covered restraints, which come in fuchsia or black:  Sheridan uses it to tie back her hair when she’s out, “and when I get home and get a bit frisky with my partner, he has the option of tying me up with the headband.” Oh my!

Speaking of frisky, most of us have heard about Fifty Shades of Grey. Since the book’s publication, Sheridan says embracedesires has “seen an increase in sales in BDSM, kegel strengthening products, and our Bijoux de Nip earrings that convert to nipple clamps.” In fact, embracedesires has a line of Fifty Shades of Grey products for those wishing to live out their Ana and Christian fantasies. Plus, there are some erotic stories available, and you are welcome to submit yours, anonymous or not.

This is just the store side of embracedesires. There’s a blog, too!

Sheridan’s blog offers thoughtful advice about sexuality and health, from telling readers about the safest materials for toys (stay away from Phthalates) and how to make sure you taste good (your diet affects your secretions, it’s not just a matter of a quick wash before oral) to rules about wearing cock rings and relationship tips. Her one piece of advice to all of us is:

Indulge your passions and embrace your desires. In doing so, always:   

  • create a safe word with your partner;
  • always keep rubber or latex gloves, condoms, dental dams and a variety of  silicone and water-based lubes on hand; and,
  • respect everyone’s right to love whom they choose.

For those of you uncertain about adult toys, start small and simple. Sheridan’s store, embracedesires, offers a range and selection of materials that the beginner won’t be overwhelmed by, plus you have your privacy ordering online. I think one of the coolest things is the Love is Art Kit–you and your lover can create your own private work of art!

So, what’s on your wishlist from embracedesires?

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    • Awesome, thanks so much! Here’s a deal y’all don’t want to pass on! Now, where did I put my wishlist…

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